10 Benefits of an Online Timekeeping System

Even in today’s digitally savvy world, many businesses still rely on manual time tracking. If this is the case with your organization, rest assured you’re not alone. To operate more efficiently, grow your business, and avoid the common problems associated with outdated time reporting, an online timekeeping system can help. 

An online timekeeping system is a cloud based solution that can gather employee information such as when they start and end their shifts, take breaks, and miss work because they’re sick or on vacation. Let’s take a closer look at 10 ways an online timekeeping system can benefit your business.

1. Eliminates Time Theft

If you’re currently depending on self-reported timesheets or an outdated time card system, you could be putting your company at significant risk for time theft. With an online timekeeping system, you can protect against inaccurate and padded timesheets. 

2. Saves Time

The reality is that gathering and entering employee time manually takes a great deal of time and energy. By upgrading to an online timekeeping system, you can save your payroll team time and improve their efficiency.

3. Reduces the Risk of Lost Timesheets

It’s all too easy for you and your employees to lose timesheets. An online timekeeping system that’s stored on the cloud can keep them them safe and accessible at all times. It can also make it easier to keep track of changes in time data.

4. Improves Employee Habits

Even if you have great employees, some of them are bound to arrive late, leave early, or exaggerate their time. While you can’t control everything your employees do, an online timekeeping system can reduce these types of habits. 

5. Enhances Accuracy

Since manual timekeeping is a human effort, your payroll team is likely to make a mistake at some point or another, regardless of how meticulous they are. After all, it’s difficult to transcribe messy handwriting and trust employees to accurately keep track of their time. By investing in an online timekeeping system, you can enhance the accuracy of your timesheet data.

6. Maintains Compliance

There are countless local, state, and federal employment laws that your payroll and HR team is responsible for keeping up with. Since manual timekeeping solutions can make it a real challenge to adhere to these regulations, online timekeeping systems are truly invaluable. 

7. Protects Against Lawsuits

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuits occur when employees take legal action against their employers because they haven’t been paid fairly. An online, automated timekeeping system that digitally tracks when your employees clock in and clock out can help protect against these types of lawsuits. 

8. Improves Employee Satisfaction

While you may face some pushback from employees when you initially try to adopt an online timekeeping system, employees will likely become more satisfied in time. As long as you choose a quality, user-friendly system, they’ll appreciate its efficiency and ease of use. 

9. Increases Employee Equality

When hard-working employees that get to work on time and leave when they are supposed to learn that some of their colleagues come in late, take long lunch breaks, and go home whenever they feel like it, their morale may go down. An online timekeeping system can reduce this problem and increase the equality of your employees. 

10. Boosts Profitability

If your goal is to run a profitable business, tracking your employees time accurately through an online timekeeping system is essential. It can help you analyze their quality and productivity so you can make more money. 

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