What We Believe

Our Core Values


Simple is beautiful. Yet payroll is naturally complex. Therefore, our mission is to take the complex, and simplify it. We will never build unnecessary complexity into our processes that confuses our clients or frustrates our team members.

Continuous Improvement

Self-development is at the core of what we do. As we improve ourselves, we improve our company and our clients’ experience. We will never be satisfied that our knowledge, processes, client service, or company culture are “good enough.”

Team Member Happiness

We will create a company of people who enjoy:

  • Their work, by having clear processes, goals, and a common mission,
  • Their clients, by not tolerating rude or abusive customers, and
  • Their fellow team members, by creating a culture of helpfulness and respect.

Our Core Purpose

To simplify and improve the lives of small business owners and operators by delivering a reliable, personalized alternative to the national payroll providers.

We believe that small businesses are under-served by the large payroll service bureaus that currently dominate the market. Payrolls are shuffled through the assembly line by frazzled, overworked payroll clerks. Little thought and care is given and unnecessary mistakes are made. Meanwhile, business owners can’t get the help and expertise they need.  Payroll ends up complicating their lives more than simplifying it.

This is where we come in. Our vision surpasses merely “processing payroll.” By consistently giving personal and thoughtful service, we want to become part of the small business owner’s team of trusted professionals.