Payroll Isn’t A Commodity: Why It Matters Who You Outsource To

Payroll is important – unless your business consists solely of volunteers who help without any expectation of compensation, then getting paid is likely the number-one reason that most employees are staying with your company.

In other words, payroll is not a commodity. It’s not something to hand over to the first bidder in the expectation that one company is just like all the others. There are differences, and we’re proud to be unlike other payroll companies. Here’s what you can expect from a company that cares about you:


Our company is owned and operated by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). It’s not just the top, either – we focus on hiring knowledgeable staff who understand your company and your needs, not data-entry clerks, so you know that you’ll always be dealing with an expert who can talk to your own employees at their own level.

Paperless Operations

We don’t send physical mail to you. Everything is kept online for instant, convenient access to fully up-to-date information about how your payroll is going.

We don’t believe that you should have to wait for days to get information on the finances of your business – and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience.

A Focus On Small Businesses

We’re not trying to push our way into massive corporations that already have their own payroll departments anyway. Our focus is exclusively on small businesses like yours. Even if you’re the only one actually employed by your business, you’ll get our full service and support.

You shouldn’t have help taken away just because you’re not a massive company – and you can count on us to help you manage things as you continue to grow.

Personal Service

Have you ever tried to get an answer to a simple question, only to be routed to a call center whose staff understand exactly none of what you’re saying?

That’s not going to happen with us. We don’t use call centers – instead, we have a dedicated professional working on each account, and you’ll have their direct line an email address to get in touch with them directly.

It’s true that there are many payroll providers out there – but different companies emphasize different things, and our emphasis is your needs.