You’re probably wondering what to expect if you work with us. Our 3-step process for new clients has been perfected for over 10 years.

1. We answer your questions and understand your business.

After you submit a quote request, we’ll contact you to set up a short phone call. These calls typically don’t take more than 15-20 minutes of your valuable time. The purpose of the call is to listen – not to sell. We want to understand your business and your unique needs around payroll.

If you are considering transitioning to us from another payroll service, we want to understand what problems you are trying to solve, and make sure we can solve them to your satisfaction.

If you are setting up payroll for the first time, we’ll walk you through the basics of what to expect and answer any questions you might have.

If you decide we are the best fit for your business, we’ll send a service agreement for your electronic signature.

2. We guide you through account setup.

Once the agreement is signed, our implementation specialist will guide you through the new client setup process. You will not be left on your own to enter data into unfamiliar payroll software. Instead, we will collect your company’s information via simple and secure online forms.

If you are coming from another payroll service, our goal is to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible. We won’t send you chasing after payroll reports or force you to do a bunch of data entry. Instead, our team will collect employee information and prior payroll data from your previous payroll service’s online portal, and input the information in our system.

In addition, we will audit the payroll data that we transfer into our system. We often find mistakes made by other services, and we can fix them before they turn into IRS letters!

3. We run your payroll and providing ongoing 1-on-1 support.

Once your account is set up, it’s time to run payroll! We will walk through your first payroll with you to make sure it’s 100% accurate.

Once your first payroll is in the history books, that’s just the beginning of our service to you. Your dedicated payroll specialist is always a call, email, or text message away.

We’ll also provide you training and resources to successfully navigate our intuitive payroll software. You’ll never feel alone or neglected!

Ready to get started? Request a quote below!