4 Things You Deserve…But Your Current Payroll Service Can’t Give You

Differentiation. All the marketing experts say that illustrating what’s different about companies is what gives the edge in the marketplace.

As a business owner, I’ve given this some thought. We must do what our competitors can’t and won’t for their customers.

Frankly, it didn’t take me long to see why this works.

Take a look at the list below. How does your existing service measure up?

Call Centers vs. Personal Cell Phones

When our many of competitors’ clients have questions, they have to call a call center, get tossed around various levels of automated phone systems, before finally reaching their intended person or department.

We see a better way. Our clients have the cell number of their payroll specialist. Even more amazing?They also have mine.

Data Entry Clerks vs. Talented Professionals

Payroll is quite a complex beast, which is why most companies are happy to outsource the task. But can you trust the individual servicing your account? Are you confident they have the right education and expertise to protect your precious legacy?

Cirrus Payroll was built by a CPA, so the expectation of excellence starts at the top.  We’ve added to that, only the best and brightest, so you can rest assured you are fully supported and cared for.

High Turnover vs. Balanced Team Members

It’s an indisputable fact that our larger competitors have high turnover.  It’s no surprise that without proper life-work balance, churning out hundreds of payrolls a week will result in burnout.

On the other hand, we are strategic in assigning a comfortable workload to our specialists. We value hobbies and family, it’s even written in our handbook.  A happy team produces high quality work for much longer, resulting in a lasting relationship between your specialist and you!

Doing It All vs. Tight Focus

This topic reminds me of a scene from the show New Girl where Schmidt is surveying the menu of local café. After seeing pizza, gelato, Tikka Masala, and a raw bar all on the same menu, he says uneasily:

“This place is doing too much. They can’t be doing all this right.”

At Cirrus Payroll, we are laser focused on small business payroll clientele. We could promise a bunch of ancillary services, but we don’t. We want to be the best in the field, and put 100% into staying there.

Our passion is winning your trust, and keeping it.